If you are like most people, your desire to achieve success is matched by your desire to make some positive impact, to make a difference in a larger world. That larger world can begin with a small community of your own employees. You might be already helping them with bonuses and laptops they get to keep.

Beyond your company, you might be driven to give back to the community where you work and live or contribute to worthy worldwide causes. This is especially significant now with the crisis in Ukraine. Many businesses have chosen to provide support and assistance.

In addition to focusing on business goals and your own fulfillment, you need to come up with ways to find fulfillment by giving. This drive to help and make an impact inside and outside your organization can serve as a goldmine for innovative business ideas.

Here are five ways you can start now to give back to your community.

Don’t wait until you “make it”

Many of us think we have to wait until we reach a certain level of success before we start to even think about giving back. It’s logical to believe you have to build funds or make sure your cash flow is established first.

But you can establish a company culture of giving back right now, in a number of ways.

It can be part of your unique selling point: part of your profits go to your beneficiary of choice. Some startups even launch with their unique selling proposition revolving around this concept. I’ve seen ads on Instagram for watches and planners with the spotlight on the beneficiary (kids with cancer, UNICEF, the WFP, etc.) rather than the product.

You don’t have to launch a promotional campaign of this magnitude. You can add a simple donation ask on your checkout page. Make it something your customers can tick as they check out with a small, limited-time gift of appreciation to motivate them to do so. Or perhaps your team-building getaway can include an environmental or civic conscious activity.

As a result, you and your team will feel good. And your customers will feel good. You’ve all done good. It’s also good PR for your business and the organization you helped. Everyone wins.

Find like-minded people

You are not alone in your desire to help others. Connect with them to learn what they do. You can perhaps even combine your efforts with other organizations for an increased impact.

It doesn’t just stop at partnering up with other organizations. Creating a culture within the organization starts with hiring like-minded people who also care and want to give back. When hiring culture fit is extremely important. So ask your candidates those questions about giving back during the interview process.

Look for the need

Listen to what people are chatting about on social media in your community. Watch the news to find worthy causes. Explore local charities online. Find out where the greatest need is that aligns with your vision of helping. And that can change quickly. Just a few months ago, the focus was on COVID-related issues. Now the focus is on the conflict in Ukraine and tomorrow it might be a different crisis.

Think ahead

As leaders of organizations, we have to be cognizant of what we’re doing and what we can do better.

Think about how you would want to make a difference in the world while growing your organization.

What’s relevant to the business and your company culture?

In what direction can you take the business to have a purpose and impact beyond thriving and satisfying your customers?

What would bring you great joy, and how can you execute it with your clients/customers?