Are you looking to 20X your business in 2021?

Are you a firm with $10M to $50M in revenue based in the US or Canada?

Are you struggling to sort out the complex path of digital marketing and social media, thereby missing a tremendous opportunity and leaving money on the table?

Are you frustrated that digital marketing and social media is constantly changing while you and your team are left behind?

Do you find that most marketing companies have terrible customer service?

Enter Ginball Digital Marketing

The feedback I’ve gotten from CMOs is that social media is a black box, but a necessary evil. Social media is just like any other channel – radio, TV, billboards – there is rhyme and reason to use it. As with any other strategy, it has been successfully used as an acquisition channel. You just have to know how to approach it! We have used social media for our clients from visibility to engagement to paying customers to revenue growth!  

AND we offer you what the big marketing consultancies cannot – latest online audience trends, best results for digital strategies and superior customer service. 

With our proprietary framework, we have helped hundreds of startups experience massive results using digital and social strategies.  

You can start seeing results immediately when you get started with the right digital marketing and social media strategies. 

With our experience “growth hacking” with startups, we can leverage our expertise and apply it to larger companies, such as yours, to find success and growth! We have found that larger companies have been slower to adapt digital and social strategies but that doesn’t have to be the case! These simple strategies, which may not seem intuitive for all brands, can be applied to larger organizations! 

One of our startup clients, a tech company in the health and wellness space, approached us when they were pre-revenue, no marketing team and very few marketing strategies. After working with them for 1.5 years, they are now one of the leading companies in their industry utilizing the latest digital trends and growing by a factor of 8x!

Jean Ginzburg

I’m Jean Ginzburg

Founder of Ginball Digital Marketing

I am an award-winning entrepreneur, #1 best-selling author, and digital marketing expert.

I have engaged with over a thousand entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses. I have heard their stories and they all boil down to this: Everyone wants growth for their business.

Using digital transformation, digital marketing, and social media strategies, we help grow businesses like yours. We take a holistic approach and use a proprietary strategy that allows us to understand your business and communicate clearly. We are confident that you’ll get the results you want to scale your business!

One of our clients, Ally Lozano, is an attorney who decided to create an online business to help other female attorneys improve their law firms by running those firms like businesses. After two years of working with us, her business had increased by a factor of 18!

We look forward to 20X your business in 2021!

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