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[VIDEO] How Will Social Media Influence Business in the Next 5 Years

 When it comes to the evolution of social media and business in the next 5 years, I think there is a lot of potential. Smaller platforms such as snapchat have a lot of potential to grow. There is a constant cycle of social media platforms. As one gets too expensive or loses its appeal to users, there is always …


How Not to Run a Paid Media Campaign

Most of the time you’ll read a blog post or article about how best to run a paid media campaign. This could be on Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. We might find a lot of examples of paid campaigns that are pretty good, but might need some tweaking – perhaps it could use a better image or a more prominent …

[VIDEO] Increase Your Advertising ROI with Facebook Targeting

Your top priority when creating Facebook ads should be making them feel personalized to each of your consumers. By using Facebook Interest you can succeed in personalizing your ads to your audience. This will often result in an increase in your company’s ROI as well. Getting Started… Many companies make the mistake of trying out Facebook ads and quitting them too early on. Opting …

[VIDEO] How to Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences to Take Your Business to the Next Level

When it comes to expanding the target of your ad campaign, look-alike audiences should be your go-to solution. Look-alike audiences may be helpful when a client has an email list of consumers and would like to find more customers that are similar to their current consumer base. This tool is especially helpful when trying to reach out to more potential consumers. What Is A …

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[VIDEO] What is Facebook Audience Insights and Why It’s Important

Your facebook ad campaign should focus on as specific a target market as possible. I am here to tell you how to hone in on this target market, and what tools you can use for a successful campaign. From what I’ve seen, the main problem that companies have when advertising is not doing so precisely enough. Meaning their Facebook campaigns are too …