Snapchats geo-tag filters are a cheap and easy way to market your business. As snapchat grows as a platform, you’re missing out on a great opportunity by not advertising on it. Because it’s not owned by Google or Facebook the prices remain low. Many people use the app so by participating you are remaining relevant to your consumers.

Take advantage

People are going to snapchat your business whether you like it or not, so you may as well make the most of it. Using a geofilter will allow you to interact with your consumers and spread the word of your business. This has the potential to add a lot of value to your company.

The future of snapchat

Snapchat currently only allows big business to actually advertise within the app. But I’m thinking that soon they will roll out a self-service platform for DIY advertising that small businesses can use. That said, being well versed in the current app could give you a leg up when this platform rolls out.

Reason to believe

Since snapchat has not been bought out by another company they hold a lot of potential for growth. And the fact that they turned down $3 billioin from Facebook means they will likely stay their own platform.  Having snapchat as a new platform means a whole new ecosystem of advertising.

Conquer the learning curve

Learn snapchat now so you can reap all the benefits that are yet to come!