Unless you live in a cave, you know TikTok is getting more and more mainstream. It’s no longer about dance covers or physical challenges. Doctors, teachers, and actual marketers use it for professional purposes.

When it comes to businesses, TikTok is still underrated.

But ask any entrepreneur around you, and they’re probably still focused on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or even Pinterest. The truth is, TikTok and LinkedIn are the best platforms for engagement.

Are you using these two platforms now? If not, you should.

Here are seven reasons why you should use TikTok and LinkedIn to build your business.

TikTok helps you build your brand

TikTok is the number one app right now. Most people are using TikTok, so it’s a perfect spot for you to promote your business. Video content has been big for several years now, and TikTok cashed in on that.

Building your brand means getting attention and exposure. Through video content, you can show off your personality. Video allows you to offer your product or service with both subtlety and efficiency.


TikTok is both effective and entertaining. You’re simply where your audience is already hanging out, giving them the style of content they want.

TikTok gets your audience’s attention

TikTok is for entertainment. People love watching different bite-sized videos. Creating interesting videos for your brand or curating challenges and trends can excite your audience and make you memorable to them.

For example, if you own a pet supply business, you can start a pet transformation challenge in which pet lovers would compete dressing up their furry friends. Make it more interesting by offering prizes. You can also create hashtags to promote your brand to your audience.

Once you get your audience’s attention, you can drag them to your other social media platforms.

Video content is more important than ever

Different social media platforms focus on videos. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok are just some of the most popular platforms when it comes to video content.

With all the available platforms out there, TikTok stands out since small businesses with limited budgets can start obtaining engagement through it. An interesting and exciting video content can trigger more organic reach beneficial for your brand.

TikTok has tons of potential

Most businesses stick to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and wonder why their strategies seem to be lacking. The problem with these platforms is they start charging as they age. You might not reach your target audience through organic reach unless you pay for it.

TikTok is new and still free, and you can use it for your business in many ways! It doesn’t matter if it lasts. What matters most is the attention you get from it today and the ability to migrate your target audience to your other social media platforms.

LinkedIn for building your business

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms to build your network. This is a good place to promote your business since this is the platform where you can find and build business connections and business relationships.

It serves as a medium to promote your expertise through relevant content. Aside from posting original articles, you can also share other people’s content as long as it’s relevant to your business.

TikTok and LinkedIn are perfect for organic reach

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are popular platforms when it comes to promoting your business. But you won’t get high organic reach unless you’re willing to pay. These platforms have been in the industry for quite some time, and they charge fees if you want to gain more visibility and engagement.

Instead of paying, you can utilize TikTok and LinkedIn for gaining organic reach. Smart businesses use TikTok and LinkedIn to obtain engagement without spending money. User-generated content is popular on LinkedIn and one of the best ways to connect with your target audience.

For LinkedIn, write articles related to your specific niche and to your industry in general. Link to your website to help your audience know more about who you are and what you offer.

In TikTok, organic reach and engagement are higher compared to Instagram. While Instagram is still an amazing platform, you might achieve your breakthrough faster on TikTok. All it takes is a smart content strategy and no money spent on advertising!

TikTok and LinkedIn are good partners for your startup

You can build your brand through TikTok and LinkedIn instead of trying to be seen in the highly saturated bigger social platforms.

Engaging with your community on LinkedIn and TikTok by publishing original articles and curating engaging content.

You’ll soon see good results in your engagement rates. Are you using TikTok and LinkedIn for your business? If not, maybe now’s the right time to start!