In any digital marketing campaign, you have cold audiences and warm audiences. Cold audiences have no idea who you are and what you can offer them. Warm audiences do know who you are and what you do. They might have watched your video or have already interacted with you on your Facebook page or your blog. 

If your audiences have already engaged with your brand, it’s faster and easier (and cheaper) to move them further down the sales funnel. That’s why retargeting is important. 

Retargeting is a way to bring back warm audiences into the fold. You can entice them into interacting with your posts on social media. Or you can bring them back to your website, whether to your blog posts or shop pages. 

At Ginball Digital Marketing, we use four main retargeting strategies on Facebook: website audiences, email list, Facebook engagement, and video engagement. 

Your website visitors

You can retarget those who visited your website with your Facebook ads. Setting up a Facebook Pixel on your site can help you reach those audiences on Facebook.

To target your website visitors on Facebook, go to your Facebook Ads Manager, choose “audiences,” then select “create a new audience” (this can be a set of custom audiences), and then click on “website visitors.”

Now, people who visited your site should also see you on social media! And vice versa. You will be on their minds when they are ready to further engage with your brand.

Always retarget your site visitors, and lead them back to your site through blog posts and other promos you post on social media. 

Your email list

Next, make use of your email list on Facebook. 

Again, click the Facebook Ads Manager to set your custom audiences. Go to the customer list to upload your entire email list. Facebook will match those email addresses with the users of Facebook.

Create this custom audience so that the people who are already on your list and who might be interested in engaging further can be easily retargeted.

Just remember to use only your internal email list and not a purchased one. 

Facebook page engagement

Facebook page engagement is another way to retarget your warm audience. The assumption is that if people visited your social media pages, it means they are curious about your brand. 

To use your Facebook page for retargeting your warm audience, click on the “Facebook Page Engagement,” then create a custom audience. 

Video engagement

Lastly, use video engagement. Video is huge. People love watching videos. If you do video right, with regular and valuable posts, you’d reach a large chunk of your target audiences. Don’t waste the opportunity to utilize that audience for retargeting.

Go to Facebook Ads Manager, and start creating a custom audience. For video engagement, you can select the video or videos you want to use for retargeting to reach those users who watched your videos before.

Use the amount of time they’ve watched your videos as an indicator of their interest. Those who watched at least 50% of your video posts are likely to be more interested in what you have to say or offer.

You’d naturally have different ads for those who watched at least 50%. Hook them in with something irresistible so they can engage more deeply with your brand. 

Start retargeting your warm audience

Once you’ve created your audiences based on your website visitors, Facebook page visitors, your email list and those who watched your videos, you can move on to the next step: ad creation for retargeting. 

Again, Facebook Ads Manager is the tool to use for retargeting ad creation. Within the tool, craft the ads suitable for warm audiences.

Retargeting campaigns can be run on other platforms such as Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and programmatic.