Your facebook ad campaign should focus on as specific a target market as possible. I am here to tell you how to hone in on this target market, and what tools you can use for a successful campaign. From what I’ve seen, the main problem that companies have when advertising is not doing so precisely enough. Meaning their Facebook campaigns are too broad to gain a positive ROI.


The Facebook tool called audience insights can help your company with the problem mentioned above. Audience insights allows you to do some research on your target market through Facebook. I think that the most effective ways to use this tool is to conduct research based on consumer interests.


What has worked for me in the past is using a public figure that’s identifiable to consumers in whatever field you are targeting. Entering this public figures name into audience insights will provide information on related consumers. This will in turn help you get to know your target audience, and thus more effectively focus your campaign.


Looking at the personal interests of your target market narrows it down even more. You can find these interests under the top categories of page likes for this group of consumers, which Facebook will sort by relevancy.

Audience insights provides you with information such as location, level of Facebook activity, and household income, of your target audience.  By taking advantage of this Facebook feature you can  improve the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns, and in turn increase your ROI.