Marketing Strategy

Increase your sales and ROI

Paid Media

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Native Advertising, Google Adwords

Marketing Automation

Sales funnels and email automation

Content Strategy/Social Media

Create written and video content for website and social media


The award-winning digital marketing consultancy, Ginball Digital Marketing, offers a tailor-made
approach to your digital marketing needs, ensuring your business growth.

Ginball Digital Marketing is an agile, forward-facing, innovative company designed to take the mystery
out of your digital marketing social media strategies. Ginball Digital Marketing uses the latest in social
media marketing, keeping up with all the latest trends so you don’t have to.

The digital marketing landscape evolved dramatically in the last few years, becoming an essential part of
a larger marketing strategy. If you are confused by all the social media platforms and don’t know how to
use them to your company’s advantage, Ginball Digital Marketing can help!

Our success hinges on our unique approach to our clients. Before we offer you our solutions, we study
your goals, your clients’ pain points and how you are presented in the marketplace. Not all companies
are created equal, and not all have the same set of goals and priorities. Once we understand your goals,
we design a bespoke program that will ensure you reach your goals.

Once you reach your current goals, we are here to take you to the next level! We can help you set the
next set of goals and tweak the strategy to align it perfectly with the new goals so your business can
keep growing. Whether it’s identifying what your messaging should be, determining what content
strategy you should employ or choosing what social media channels to use, Ginball Digital Marketing’s
experts will provide you with clear answers and a roadmap to your digital marketing success.

If you are a technology, software or SaaS company with $10M to $50M in revenue based in the US or
Canada, we would love to support you in your marketing journey! Get in touch with us today for a free
consultation. We will take care of your digital marketing needs, assuring your business growth.